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The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey – An Unexpected Mindblower!

I found this image on Google, so i don't own it, someone else holds the right to it so don't kill me

Kili Oakenshield

I was waiting so impatiently for so long for this movie to come out! And since it came out I’ve seen it twice and it still wasn’t enough. I am an avid Lord of the Rings fan and absolutely loving that trilogy. Since getting the trilogy on BluRay I’ve watched at least 4 marathons on my own and cooked Lord of the rings themed food to eat during the movies! Watching them eat Lambas makes you hungry of course. Next Time I do this I will include recipes and pictures, because it made the marathon experience perfect – if i was not on my own i might even have dressed up.

But ANYWHO… I had very high expectations of this movie. The Hobbit is my favourite of all of Tolkien’s books by far. We read it in Grade 8 and I’ve loved it ever since. I wasn’t worried that Jackson was going to disappoint – because in my opinion he never has disappointed with any movie that I’ve seen of his. But I didn’t expect it to be absolutely mind-blowing,  like putting my imagination to shame mind-blowing.

It was like Jackson opened up my brain took what I imagined middle earth to be like, and the characters to be like  put it on the big screen, and jacked everything up with steroids. Not to mention made Killi and Thorin the Hottest Dwarves I’ve ever seen. I guess he was smart enough to figure that he needed some Small, Dark and Handsome, to fill the void of Tall, Dark and handsome, that Aragorn and Legolas brought in LOTR.  Although seeing a somewhat Younger Elrond made my heart very happy.

Prince Thorin Oakenshield

Prince Thorin Oakenshield

Getting Back to the Movie, although it was long – which I expected – It didn’t drag on, and it was extremely through, and I was actually quite upset when it ended. I wanted to see more so bad that I got angry – It was that good. The acting was brilliant as usual and the way they portrayed Bilbo’s awkward underdog hero personality was right on the mark.  I wont say anymore, because I do not like to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched the movie or read the book. But This is definitely a Blu-Ray Worthy buy, in my opinion. I cant wait to see the rest, and I cant wait to own this one so I can watch it over and over again for the rest of me life!

Look forward to a Hobbit Middle Earth Themed Party Post once this comes out on Blu-Ray!

Also… I’m probably going to ask the BF to let me dress him up as Kili for my birthday, so Look forward to some sick Kili Cosplay pictures too!

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